Custom Woodwork

Getting something made to your specific measurements is truly a luxury, and one that is surprisingly affordable here at Boutique Lois Butler.  Recently, Robert crafted a daybed to the exact measurements given by a client, that perfectly suited a small nook in his home.  It is 88 x 40", providing an excellent sleeping space.  

Made of solid cedar, it will last forever and the wood will take on a beautiful grey patina.  A truly gifted craftsman, Robert has created detailed joint work and simple lines.


Here are some samples of one of a kind benches and other great pieces that have been made just for Boutique Lois Butler.  The value here is that you can have a hand in the design.  Maybe something to fit right at the end of your bed, in your front hall, or a hard to fit space in your home or cottage.  


This example was custom made to sit under a very large art installation.

These two benches are available for immediate sale!


Tables can also be made to measure.  Beautiful and original designs are available with distressed finishes.



This Iron Pipe Table has been a popular design and can also be made just for you.  Rustic and functional, it reflects an industrial vibe.

Truly custom services are available such as this Wall Treatment.


Great ideas often come from clients , so what would you like to have custom made?