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Lois Butler - Sunday, May 31, 2015

I love to follow inspirational blogs that give great advice.  Enter the well reasoned opinion of Centsational Girl, Kate Riley, who has loads of practical experience and tons of market place knowledge.  In her own home and make overs, she often turns to paint for tables, chairs, and dressers to update the look or to balance a room.  Here are some impressive photos of her work.


The after shot displays a soft green and white palette and some fabulous glass knobs.  The piece looks refreshed and perfect to use in a child's room. 

Paint provides impact, a transformation, and even a rescue for items that have seen a better day. Check out the before and after shots of this white table from Cherished Bliss.

Sticking with the side table theme, take a look at this beauty.

Starting with a piece that has great lines is critical, but the condition can be less than perfect.  The results can be truly outstanding.

Here are some other wonderful samples of furniture that has made a miraculous change, thanks to the magic of paint.

Mid-CenturyModern Dresser

The body was painted in a coastal blue and the drawers refreshed with a stain which certainly rejuvenated the dresser.  It is destined for a boy's bedroom but it could function in many areas.

The Red Dresser


The top now has a stained wood finish and the glorious red paint was detailed with black.  The black also highlights the new pulls and unique pewter knobs. 


Big Blue Buffet

The curvy front and original hardware is brought to life by the rich and regal blue.  

The Grey Side Table


The stained top has been refreshed and a trendy grey colour has been applied.

Blue Buffet

Elegant lines, turned legs, and a detailed profile make people take a second look at this versatile piece.  Originally a serving piece it might serve a more modern function as a media console or foyer addition.

Pinterest Like Paint Too 

Enjoy this collection of inspired work.




Visit out photo gallery of Furniture Transformation to see what we can do for you.

The Beauty of Light

Lois Butler - Sunday, March 22, 2015

As spring approaches we all want to let the sun shine into our homes.  Traditionally, spring symbolizes a feeling of rebirth and renewal.  For many it is the time to do a major house cleaning and for others it is the perfect time to do some redecorating. Changing your drapes in the spring is one of the best ways to make some significant decor changes, give your home a fresh new look, and welcome in the spring season with style and flair.  

It is a great time to go with lighter fabrics, sheers, and semi-sheers.  Expose your windows and let the sun shine in.  Here's what the experts at faAB have to say about the beauty of sheers.

Sheer or semi-translucent fabrics are woven with the finest of threads which allows light to travel through the fabric yet diffuses the view and provides privacy.  Our sheer draperies are manufactured using highly advanced quality fibres and high-tech weaving processes. This makes even the lightest of sheer draperies drape-able and durable.

Use Alone or with Decorative Side Panels

Sheers are used in mainly two ways; as the primary drapery when it is used fully across the width of the drapery pole or as the secondary drapery paired with decorative side panels.

Sheers as Primary Panels

When installing sheers as the primary drapery, it can be a very cost effective and simple solution.  This works with or without shutters or blinds.  Add the shutter or blind when you need to restrict the view, create greater light control, or just like the layered look.

Sheers as Secondary Panels

When paired-up with decorative side panels and those panels are pushed back, the sheers will allow light to fill the room but will knock-out an unwanted view.  As you can see, with the right hardware, it is easy to do.

Use Two to Three Times the Fullness

When using sheer draperies only, the very best results are attained when you use substantial fullness (we suggest a minimum of two times fullness across the rod, even when the drapery is pulled closed). This will give the window elegance, softness and full coverage. And, because sheers and lightweights are often woven as wide width goods up to 118" (300 cm) the fullness is manufactured right into the ready-made panel.

Hide an Unwanted View

Sheer draperies work beautifully to add lightness and openness to a room.  Light will penetrate through the folds of the sheer for a etherial effect, yet provide enough coverage to eliminate unwanted views.

Sheers as Interior Walls

In a studio apartment, a loft, or a large space, use sheers to divide the space and create intimacy.


Sheers Suit Any Room or Style



Get inspired and let in the light this spring!

Boutique Lois Butler is a dealer for faAB, a leader in the custom drapery industry, with 100's of fabric choices and style options to consider.   Come in anytime for a free consultation. 

Holiday Decorating Repertoire

Lois Butler - Wednesday, November 19, 2014

December is upon us and if you haven't started decorating, I'm sure you have been thinking about it.  Maybe you have been looking for some new ideas to add to your holiday decorating repertoire this year.  I consider versatile hurricane lamps, cloches, candles, and candle rings some of my favourite ways to add simple, yet refined looks.  

Mantels and table centrepieces are great places to start.  The "bling" factor is a relatively neutral  way to go allowing your decor greater longevity.  The basic pieces - pillar candles, glass containers, and ornaments - are really multipurpose, something I always keep in mind.  No floral element has been added to the design above, which creates a clean finish.  

Ways to decorate a mantel are pretty much endless and I do like the floral approach, whether real or faux.  This display is created with floral picks, mini rice lights, flameless candles, antler trees, and bird ornaments. 

The  colour way is also somewhat neutral but the florals and lights make a much lusher look.  Each item here can be incorporated in a different manner another year.  

Here are a few more pretty ideas all created with enduring, multifunctional elements.



Use a small glass cloche to focus attention on a single treasured item or highlight a collection of small glass coloured balls.

We have touched on the use of the ever versatile hurricane lamp before, and now is the time to dust it off and anchor a centrepiece, tables scape or mantel arrangement around it.  Here are a few seasonal takes.

Use a glass hurricane or vase to create an arrangement that will last throughout the Christmas season by filling the jar with a layer of limes, red holly berries, and lemons. Top it off with stems of greenery.

Look for inspiration and just go for it!




Get creative and enjoy the sparkle!

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Hurricane Vase: Must Have Fall Accessory

Lois Butler - Saturday, September 27, 2014
Chances are you might already have this accessory for its ease to fit into just about any setting. But if not, a simple way to bring this fall’s design trends into your home is with hurricane vases – big, small and in between.

Hurricanes are candle holders with a glass surround designed to protect the flame from breezes. They add height to a centrepiece or vignette and the glass provides a shiny textural element.  Add a candle and you have a comforting warm glow. 

But above all, hurricane lamps are versatile.  Fill them with pebbles, shells, sand, nuts, leaves, pinecones, cranberries or whatever reflects your decor.  A candle, whether flameless or traditional, is the finishing touch. 

There are wonderful shapes, sizes, and styles.

Here are a few styles beyond the footed design.


This look is created with two hurricane chimneys, beautiful pillar candles, nuts, leaves and twine. It's a great neutral look for fall. 


Cylinder and square shapes can be added to the mix and repetition makes more of a statement.



Create symmetry by placing tall prominent hurricanes in a field of white pumpkins, gourds, and pillar candles.  Complete the look with a burlap, linen, or faux fur runner and neutral serviettes tied with twine.

Use one large hurricane and it automatically becomes  a focal point.  You don't have to limit yourself to candles, whatever you place in a large hurricane will become the centre of attention.


Enjoy the change of seasons as you create an ever changing vignette with the elegant hurricane lamp.     

Falling in Love with Fall

Lois Butler - Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Have Fall at Your Doorstep

Create a welcoming entry for guests with a display of fall-themed items around your front door. Use some of the traditional favourites like pumpkins and bales of hay, layered with mums in rustic wooden baskets.  

Get creative with your house numbers.

Add visual interest by varying the sizes, shapes, and even colours of the pumpkins and gourds. Highlight a favourite lantern or dress up an old wagon with autumn themed finds.

Refill Those Planters

Pile on the natural gourds.

Combine natural elements with everlasting floral picks to extend the look of your pots.

Use Pumpkins for Pop

Use pumpkins around the yard wherever you want a touch of fall.  The bright orange contrasts beautifully against a background of tall green or golden grasses.  Enjoy them now, and carve them with a gruesome face as the season progresses.

Scoop them out and pop in a mum.

Hang a Fall Wreath

Refinish your front door with an updated paint colour or stain that compliments the rest of the home's exterior. Hang a wreath for a festive fall touch.

Get inspired to add to the natural autumnal beauty of your home with all that the change of seasons has to offer.

What's your favourite way to decorate for fall?

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