Nature's Inspiration

Lois Butler - Thursday, September 05, 2013

Have you ever visited Kamouraska, Quebec?  I love it there.  Not only is it beautiful, but I feel quite calm and peaceful whenever I visit.  Part of this I put down to that the area reminds me of my native Newfoundland. 

 On Monday nature gave us a very grey palette as it was a stormy, rainy day and this too added to my nostalgia.  I was struck by how dramatic the rocks on the shoreline looked at low tide because anything that had colour certainly popped against all that grey sky and water.

I quite often look to nature when considering a new colour palette for my home as nature gives me combinations that no designer would ever select.  Would you ever have considered putting a rusty brown sofa in a dark grey room and make your accents lime green and yellow?  This is what the seashore was like at low tide and became the inspiration for my blog.

My brother-in-law, Barry Mills, just sent me some pictures of fall foliage and the seashore on a sunny day in Newfoundland. This makes you aware of the importance of lighting as well.  Look around you when you are outside and let nature help you create a colour palette for yourself.  

Maybe this colour way is more to your taste.  The grasses echo the colour of dried driftwood.

Again, nature knows how to add a pop of pizazz to those comfortable neutrals.

Whatever way you decide to go, take your cue from what is all around you at this time of year. We'd like you to enjoy the best the fall season has to offer, so explore our improved  website areas to help create your own style. Check out the most recent entries in our Photo Inspiration and New Arrivals menus.  These areas are being updated all the time. 

Fall arrives!

Colour Flow

Lois Butler - Thursday, June 27, 2013
If you are like me then a lot of your decor projects are continuous starts and stops. Our lives get so busy that we start to freshen up our homes and then life gets in the way. It can be a while before we get back to finishing it. In between the initial start and the restart quite often our plans change. A new trend emerges; there's a new colour we love. 

Yesterday I read an interesting tip on keeping the flow going from room to room in your home. Start in your living room and once you have completed this room the rest of the house takes its colours from what you have done there. Six months later when you have enough energy to tackle another part of the house take the paint chips you want to use and put them on your sofa leaving any cushions you have in place. If the colour you have chosen for the next space in your house would work as a cushion in your living room then your paint colours will have a sense of flow. 

Doesn't this make sense and remove a little stress?  Wish I could give credit for the tip but I was surfing the web yesterday and this little bit of info has stuck with. I have tried to back track but no luck.