Christmas Presents

Lois Butler - Sunday, November 29, 2015

The warm weather and lack of snow just doesn't feel like Christmas according to a lot of my clients, but whether we feel it or not, Christmas is almost here.  

We have lots to offer you for your Christmas decor and gifts.  Our bet sellers have been restocked weekly and new items arrive almost daily.  Here are six of our favourite candle holders.

Midnight Blue Hurricane //  Holly Berry Votive 

 Belem Tealight Holders 

Blitzen // Rustic Wood // Festive Votives

Serve your guests with style or gift them with a new barware set and crystal bottle stopper.  If you include some "spirits", it's sure to be a hit.

For all the yummy tidbits make sure you have a good selection of cheese knives, spreaders and an olive spoon.

And yes, we Canadians like our fresh veggies, even as the temperature dips, so bring on the salad servers.

For the guy who has everything, we have the Nobleese Whiskey Decanter and 2 Tumblers.  

Bar Set // Crystal Bottle Stopper 

Knot Olive Spoon // Knot Cheese Knife // Knot Pate Knife

Salad Servers - Knot // Hammer // Ring

Nobleese Whiskey Set

Holiday Decorating Repertoire

Lois Butler - Wednesday, December 03, 2014

December is upon us and if you haven't started decorating, I'm sure you have been thinking about it.  Maybe you have been looking for some new ideas to add to your holiday decorating repertoire this year.  I consider versatile hurricane lamps, cloches, candles, and candle rings some of my favourite ways to add simple, yet refined looks.  

Mantels and table centrepieces are great places to start.  The "bling" factor is a relatively neutral  way to go allowing your decor greater longevity.  The basic pieces - pillar candles, glass containers, and ornaments - are really multipurpose, something I always keep in mind.  No floral element has been added to the design above, which creates a clean finish.  

Ways to decorate a mantel are pretty much endless and I do like the floral approach, whether real or faux.  This display is created with floral picks, mini rice lights, flameless candles, antler trees, and bird ornaments. 

The  colour way is also somewhat neutral but the florals and lights make a much lusher look.  Each item here can be incorporated in a different manner another year.  

Here are a few more pretty ideas all created with enduring, multifunctional elements.



Use a small glass cloche to focus attention on a single treasured item or highlight a collection of small glass coloured balls.

We have touched on the use of the ever versatile hurricane lamp before, and now is the time to dust it off and anchor a centrepiece, tables scape or mantel arrangement around it.  Here are a few seasonal takes.

Use a glass hurricane or vase to create an arrangement that will last throughout the Christmas season by filling the jar with a layer of limes, red holly berries, and lemons. Top it off with stems of greenery.

Look for inspiration and just go for it!




Get creative and enjoy the sparkle!

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What's New:  Christmas Birds and Winter Cabbages

Power Outage Opportunity

Lois Butler - Wednesday, October 29, 2014

After buying these cutout votive holders my client went home to discover a power failure. The votive holders were put to use right away. She came back to show me how beautiful they looked and to buy more. We totally agree that they look Fab-u-Lois!!!!!!! 

Read more about these beautiful graphic globes here.  Thanks go out to my generous client for sharing this lovely moment.

Hurricane Vase: Must Have Fall Accessory

Lois Butler - Saturday, September 27, 2014
Chances are you might already have this accessory for its ease to fit into just about any setting. But if not, a simple way to bring this fall’s design trends into your home is with hurricane vases – big, small and in between.

Hurricanes are candle holders with a glass surround designed to protect the flame from breezes. They add height to a centrepiece or vignette and the glass provides a shiny textural element.  Add a candle and you have a comforting warm glow. 

But above all, hurricane lamps are versatile.  Fill them with pebbles, shells, sand, nuts, leaves, pinecones, cranberries or whatever reflects your decor.  A candle, whether flameless or traditional, is the finishing touch. 

There are wonderful shapes, sizes, and styles.

Here are a few styles beyond the footed design.


This look is created with two hurricane chimneys, beautiful pillar candles, nuts, leaves and twine. It's a great neutral look for fall. 


Cylinder and square shapes can be added to the mix and repetition makes more of a statement.



Create symmetry by placing tall prominent hurricanes in a field of white pumpkins, gourds, and pillar candles.  Complete the look with a burlap, linen, or faux fur runner and neutral serviettes tied with twine.

Use one large hurricane and it automatically becomes  a focal point.  You don't have to limit yourself to candles, whatever you place in a large hurricane will become the centre of attention.


Enjoy the change of seasons as you create an ever changing vignette with the elegant hurricane lamp.     

Aroma Botanical Scented Candles

Lois Butler - Saturday, May 31, 2014
When you first smell a new scent, you link it to an event, a person, a thing or even a moment. Most new scents are encountered when you are a child but now you can relax and indulge your senses with our brand-new line of wonderfully scented candles. 

The candles are all handcrafted from blends of ecologically sustainable botanical waxes and have pure cotton wicks. Botanical wax is a blend of soy, palm, and paraffin.

Each uniquely blended candle has excellent fragrance throw. Fragrance throw refers to the area that the fragrance can be smelled in. The candles are clean burning with 1 wick  in the small size and 2 in the medium, to help them burn evenly.

All fragrances are Australian-made with stringent quality control. The delicious scents and high-quality glass jars provide a high-end experience and are available in 10 scents.  Finally, each candle features a snuffer lid with a seal, which helps to keep in the fragrance when not in use.

Top Sellers: Shelley Kyle and the Mighty Purse Butler

Lois Butler - Monday, November 04, 2013
Just wanted to give you a small update on these two happenings at Lois Butler's.

First, Shelley Kyle Tiramani perfume, creams, powder and candles are back in stock.  We also have a new handcreme in 3 different fragrances: Tiramani, Shelley Kyle signature fragrance and Sorbella.   I have never had a fragrance in the store that sells like Tiramani.  So if it's one of your favourites, I guess I will be seeing you soon. 

The second announcement is that we have a new product at Lois Butler's.  Every year I am asked what is the "Hot Seller" this Christmas.  Well it doesn't  get any hotter than the Butler Mighty Purse. The Butler purse is so hot in the USA that demand has crashed web sites.  Not only do we have it at Lois Butler's, but it's the same price as in the USA :)   

This stylish purse charges your phone while you are on the go whether its travelling, work related or living your life on your cell.  Hidden inside the bag is a lightweight, high capacity built-in battery that can recharge most smartphones, plus a credit card pocket, zippered coin compartments, and a cable compartment.

RechargeableThe Mighty Purse features a hidden high capacity rechargeable battery that can recharge your smartphone up to 2 x per charge.
Genuine Leather - Made of high quality genuine leather. Different colours and finishes to suit every style and occasion
Ultra Compatible - Works with all micro-usb Smartphones and iPhone
LED Indicator - LED charge indicator. So you always know how much power is left in your purse.
Storage - Credit card pocket, zipper coin compartment and hidden cable compartment
Read more about this incredible product here. Visit the catalogue page here.