Top Sellers: Shelley Kyle and the Mighty Purse Butler

Lois Butler - Monday, November 04, 2013
Just wanted to give you a small update on these two happenings at Lois Butler's.

First, Shelley Kyle Tiramani perfume, creams, powder and candles are back in stock.  We also have a new handcreme in 3 different fragrances: Tiramani, Shelley Kyle signature fragrance and Sorbella.   I have never had a fragrance in the store that sells like Tiramani.  So if it's one of your favourites, I guess I will be seeing you soon. 

The second announcement is that we have a new product at Lois Butler's.  Every year I am asked what is the "Hot Seller" this Christmas.  Well it doesn't  get any hotter than the Butler Mighty Purse. The Butler purse is so hot in the USA that demand has crashed web sites.  Not only do we have it at Lois Butler's, but it's the same price as in the USA :)   

This stylish purse charges your phone while you are on the go whether its travelling, work related or living your life on your cell.  Hidden inside the bag is a lightweight, high capacity built-in battery that can recharge most smartphones, plus a credit card pocket, zippered coin compartments, and a cable compartment.

RechargeableThe Mighty Purse features a hidden high capacity rechargeable battery that can recharge your smartphone up to 2 x per charge.
Genuine Leather - Made of high quality genuine leather. Different colours and finishes to suit every style and occasion
Ultra Compatible - Works with all micro-usb Smartphones and iPhone
LED Indicator - LED charge indicator. So you always know how much power is left in your purse.
Storage - Credit card pocket, zipper coin compartment and hidden cable compartment
Read more about this incredible product here. Visit the catalogue page here.

Winter Is Coming

Lois Butler - Monday, October 28, 2013

The main topic of conversation is the store last week was the weather.  Everyone was grumbling about the cold, damp, grey weather because we know what's coming soon.  Most people seemed to have heard that the Farmer's Almanac is predicting a bitterly cold and storm filled winter.  It is said that they are 85% on the money, but this is one time I hope they got it wrong or that we are in a little protected pocket that escapes everything.


Usually this time of the year I am still selling fashion accessories more suitable for inside than outside i.e a nice little scarf to go with a denim jacket or lightweight blazer.  But not this year.  This year we have had a couple of shipments of warm and cozy scarves that have flown off the shelves in less than week and have had to re-order.  I guess we know we can't avoid winter (unless we go south) so we might as well get ready.

The scarf shown below comes in 4 colour-ways.  It is one of the ones flying out the door that was re-ordered.  It has arrived and is selling well again.  Unbelievably soft to the touch and wide enough for a small shawl, it would make a great gift paired with a matching wallet (yellow, blue and red pictured below) or matching cell phone wallet (golden yellow).  Yesterday I had a client add one of our crystal top pens in a matching colour to the scarf and wallet combo.  (Clients give me some of my best ideas.)


Here's a collection based on orange, a colour that has remained strong for fall and winter.   Warm up on a chilly late fall day by pairing a scarf with a coordinating knit headband.  The colour blends in the knit headbands are retro and fun.  They add a new take in accessories for this season.  Also included are other "Fab-u-Lois Finds" like the necklace, watch, wallet and Shelley Kyle products.  

Everybody can look great while staying warm.  Winter is coming!