Trays and Teapots

Lois Butler - Sunday, November 30, 2014

Have a look at these rustic trays!  They feature detailed, but permanent, chalk drawings themed on teapots.  Not only would they be a great gift for the tea lover in your life but they would also make a Fab-u-Lois decor statement.


To complete the picture, here are three teapots, newly arrived this week.  Whimsical and featuring such appealing soft colours!

There are other styles of trays available now too. Extend the use of a ottoman by placing a tray on top, a very versatile combo.

Ivory or grey 100% linen napkins would be the final touch for an elegant tea (or coffee) service.


Another option in this scenario is the upscale tray table, suitable as a side table, and convenient to serve guests.


Trays can really upgrade the function and form of your space.  Whether you are thinking of gifts for others or just a treat to yourself, consider one these Fab-u-Lois picks!

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