Fall Preview

Lois Butler - Sunday, August 23, 2015

When the weather gets a little crisper and it's time for back to school, it's a sure sign of ... dare I say it - FALL!  Inside our decor begins to switch over too.  Subtle changes occur but our love of colour does not need to depart with the seasonal switch.

Enjoy the soft velvet touch of this rich purple pillow and throw.  It's like getting out your favourite cosy sweater to wrap up in.


Always a regal and inviting influence on a room, it can add that missing element to complete your space.  I'm always surprised and delighted to see how deep plum tones in other accessories are brought to life with a touch of purple.  

Another approach is too go graphic.  Replace a lighter or more floral design with this black and grey shot of luxury.

Play on the harvest of fall colours with this combo.  

The print, which is great on its own, gets a fresher look when combined with a citrus linen pillow.  Seasonally, you might think of the green pillow as more suited to spring or summer, but the combo gives a fresh look to neutral backgrounds like the beige and brown tones - colours many people are very comfortable with.


Give your home a little love this fall with a new look.  See quick shots of pillows from around the store below and even more pillows here.