Good Bones and Accents

Lois Butler - Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Do you think that at Boutique Lois Butler the only focus is on furniture consignment and chalk painting?

                                            (Did you know flamingos are the latest trend?)

As a small business we have to wear many hats and this quite often means that our website is not always up-to-date. We do bring in a lot of new merchandise; we are just more selective in our choices.  This is because the face of retail has changed.  For many years now the preferred wedding gift has been a cheque and the market for wedding gifts has changed. Since this is the case, we felt that it was necessary for us to change as well, and this is the reason we have become more selective in our choices.

Beautiful pillows, decor accents, gift items and small hostess gifts are always available. 

Selling furniture on consignment has been a new learning experience that has given us a new energy.  We receive items of such quality that it leads me to wonder why anyone buys expensive and poorly made new furniture. We have had some amazing items come through the store, giving clients the opportunity to buy furniture that stands the test of time at great prices. 

Our furniture comes from people just like you - people who value and care for their furniture.  Please think of us should you ever require consignment services.  Some of the pieces we have are beautiful left just the way they are. 

Some of the pieces have been accepted on consignment because we can see their potential.  These pieces have great bones and are well constructed. They are not made of composite materials that out gas toxins.  Usually, the items have been kept in pristine condition and could be used "as is". The other option is to paint them. Once they have been painted they are no longer your grandparents "brown" furniture, but exciting decor accents.  For this reason we sell the all natural zero VOC American Paint Company Paint  - a chalk, clay and mineral paint. We also give courses in how to paint your furniture.  


We restyle some of the furniture that is available for purchase at BLB (left but SOLD) and we also have taken on that work for clients (right).  With our mix of new decor and gift ware, along with our consignment, custom and restyled items, we are sure to have just the right thing for you.