Emotionally Overwhelming

Lois Butler - Friday, July 24, 2015

Last Saturday morning on the way to the store, we stopped at an estate sale.  The owners of the home were there, aided by their real estate agent.  You could see it was an emotional and overwhelming experience for the couple.  They were being bombarded with questions about prices and with offers.  There was so much happening at once that the couple were have difficulty thinking on the spot as well as dealing with a bargaining situation.

The average person attending an estate sale is not considering the emotions of the seller.  They are there looking for a bargain.  It would have been better if the couple were not in attendance as it is hard to detach yourself from everything that made your house a home for many, many years.

I feel that once you have made the decision to give up your home and move to a new residence or a condo, you should start assessing your belongings.  What items will you be taking to your new home and what items will you sell or give to family?  It would be much easier to know which items members of the family would like and which ones you will be selling.  

When you start planning well in advance of the sale of your home, you also start to move on emotionally.  Many people start to get excited about their new space.  In their mind, they move on much sooner than the date of the physical move, and the idea of change becomes positive and less emotionally stressful.

Let us help you with the process by selling your items on consignment.  It's a very simple process.  

  • Just send us pictures of the items you wish to sell. 
  • If we feel we can sell your consignment piece, we will agree on a selling price.
  • You can deliver your items to us, or for a fee, have them picked up.
  • We will display them nicely in our store at no cost to you.
  • When it sells, you get a cheque for half of the sale price.

The advantage is that you don't have to deal with people coming to your home and then trying to bargain you down on your price.  Also, by starting early to get rid of the furniture you can't take with you, it means you won't end up giving it away at the last moment.

Our selection of consignment pieces has expanded as word has spread. Clients know that they will receive fair treatment as a seller and excellent value as a buyer.

English Pine Table

Here is an English pine table displayed with other consignment and new merchandise.  Actually, this photo features consignment items are from 3 different clients. The Windsor chairs at the ends of the table are from one, the smaller antique chairs are from another and the English pine harvest table is from a third client.  And yes, the table does really come from England! 

Love the the look.

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