Are Your Walls Craving Art?

Lois Butler - Thursday, October 30, 2014

A shipment of artwork has just arrived, ready to do battle with your bare walls.  Here is a selection of what we have in stock, ready to go.

"Grey Mist III", Framed Limited Edition - 25x33.  $358.95

"Parlour Melody" Series - 24x24.  $217.95 each

"Avro Arrow - Black"  24x43.5,  $315.95

"Avro Arrow - Grey"  24x43.5,  $315.95

These Avro Arrow prints are reproductions of the actual blueprints for the famous Canadian aircraft.


"Vintage Botanical Charts" Series:  Each framed print is 19x27.   $206.95 each

"Vintage Ski" 18x42, $211.95

"Steam Punk Bulb" Blue or Taupe, 16x32, $134.95 each

"Evening Sanctuary II" 20x24, $139.95

"Evening Sanctuary III" 20x24, $139.95

"Alphabet I" 26x36,  $323.95

"Grey Heron" - Hand Painted, 2x32x32, $215.95

If you didn't see anything that is just right for you, please don't hesitate to let us know what your walls are craving.

Details and additional wall decor can be found under Home Decor - Wall Art.