New Year - New Start

Lois Butler - Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Have you had enough of winter yet?  I know I have.  

During winter many of us tend to spend more time indoors browsing magazines and internet sites like Pinterest, resulting in a critical eye when it comes to our own home.  We feel the urge to refresh, redecorate, or declutter our living space.  As you are working towards simplifying and reordering your space, maybe you will find a few furniture pieces that you would like to sell.

From the start, our Consignment Service, has been a very successful venture. We have many satisfied buyers and sellers as quality pieces move from one home to another.  Right now we are particularly interested in smaller tables and storage pieces but we are still open to dining room sets and larger cabinets. These pieces are often sold just as they come into the store, but they are great candidates for "upstyling" and "repurposing"too.  

      Upstyling: Paint Techniques           Repurposing: Kitchen to Entry Way

Just send pictures of your items to  Please don't automatically decide that "they won't want this".  Just send your pictures and we will let you know what we are able to take.

This past year has been an interesting journey for us as we have expanded the scope of our business to include furniture consignment, custom woodwork, furniture transformations through painting techniques, and now painting classes (class schedule soon to be published).  All of these additions have been the result of our improved and enlarged location at 294 Lakeshore.  So feel free to come and browse anytime as stock rotates quickly and the some items hardly make it to the showroom before a very speedy exit transpires.  

I'll end with a sample gallery of consignment, created, and transformed furniture that has passed through our doors.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year and good luck with your decorating plans!


APC - The Breathable Healthy Alternative

Lois Butler - Thursday, December 17, 2015

Our new APC paint has arrived!  Our shelves are stocked with a broad, fresh colour palette of all natural, earth friendly products.

You can "UPSTYLE" any preloved furniture making it ready to endure and enjoy again. 

The paint adheres to many surfaces, including wood, plastic, glass, and more.  It is durable enough for the dining room table, and safe enough for a baby's bed.  APC offers a zero VOC, eco-friendly, solvent free, acrylic-free paint that contains no fungicide or co-polymers!  No chemicals, no worries! 


The chalk/clay/mineral paints are thick, rich and self priming.  You can thin it or use it straight - all natural and easy to apply.  

We carry amazing colours and can teach you layering techniques, distressing techniques, and other finishes that will extend the possibilities.   

The waxes and topcoat finishes are also all natural, non-toxic and have no odour.  

APC waxes lead the industry and are the choice of professional refinishers.  Imagine being able to use these products in your own home without the worry of chemical fumes!  Every option offered is a breathable, healthy, alternative to other products on the market today.

These paint and finishing products are so easy to use and we are here to help YOU.  

We are planning classes in January so grab a friend or two and join us for a little bit of Paint Therapy.  Stay tuned for more details and leave your name at the store to let us know you're interested. You can also just Send a Message to be added to the list.

Explore Paint on the main menu bar.  You will find the permanent links to paint products, brushes, sealers, APC Overview, and APC Colour Book.  

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APC Colour Book: Click here to see the colours that we carry along with a gallery of completed projects.  There are lots of creative ideas to inspire you!

I'm Back...

Lois Butler - Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Check out our new art selections.  There's still time to update your space before the holidays!

Christmas Presents

Lois Butler - Sunday, November 29, 2015

The warm weather and lack of snow just doesn't feel like Christmas according to a lot of my clients, but whether we feel it or not, Christmas is almost here.  

We have lots to offer you for your Christmas decor and gifts.  Our bet sellers have been restocked weekly and new items arrive almost daily.  Here are six of our favourite candle holders.

Midnight Blue Hurricane //  Holly Berry Votive 

 Belem Tealight Holders 

Blitzen // Rustic Wood // Festive Votives

Serve your guests with style or gift them with a new barware set and crystal bottle stopper.  If you include some "spirits", it's sure to be a hit.

For all the yummy tidbits make sure you have a good selection of cheese knives, spreaders and an olive spoon.

And yes, we Canadians like our fresh veggies, even as the temperature dips, so bring on the salad servers.

For the guy who has everything, we have the Nobleese Whiskey Decanter and 2 Tumblers.  

Bar Set // Crystal Bottle Stopper 

Knot Olive Spoon // Knot Cheese Knife // Knot Pate Knife

Salad Servers - Knot // Hammer // Ring

Nobleese Whiskey Set

Holiday Lights

Lois Butler - Monday, November 23, 2015

These Gem Votive Holders are a fine example of the unique options we have for holiday lighting.

You might think that water and lighting might not mix but if you have submersible tealites you can create beautiful effects.

Rice lights are another option.  Add some holiday flare, but know that you have purchased an item you can use time and again.

Gem Votive Holder // Submersible Tea Lites

Rice Lights with Battery //  Rice Lights 96 Strand

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Ribbons and Bows

Lois Butler - Thursday, November 19, 2015

Are you looking for the perfect ribbon for your holiday wreath?  Feast your eyes on these beauties.  

We are selling ribbon goods by the yard so you can customize your look this year.  Take a look at the ribbons and many other festive items in our Holiday 2015 Catalogue here.  Santa's Elves have been very busy adding new items all week. 

Holidays Sneak Peak

Lois Butler - Thursday, November 12, 2015

The holiday look is happening here at Boutique Lois Butler.  Here's a sneak peak!


Pillows - Fab Four

Lois Butler - Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pillows have to be one of my favourite ways to create a quick change so today I thought I would showcase these four fabulous designs.  Each is a generous 20 x 20 with a feather/down insert and a zipper closure.  They are made in Canada and represent excellent value priced between 44.95 to 59.95.


Solids or prints, squares or lumbars, we have an excellent range of products.  

Visit our catalogue here.

Rustic Tableware

Lois Butler - Friday, October 23, 2015

Feeling like a cup of tea?  Maybe you have lots of time to SIP.  Somedays there is nothing to do but GULP.

Delightfully playful, we also have the teapot from this collection.

All pieces are sculpted from a high quality stoneware clay giving them that lived in feel.


Add some whimsy to your mornings!

New Life

Lois Butler - Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The leaves are changing and fall is well underway.  Does that mark the beginning of new life? Traditionally, I've always seen spring as a time for rebirth, but autumn initiates its own set of changes.  

We have been enjoying the greatest autumn, but this past weekend certainly was a wake-up call. Change is just around the corner!  The snow, sleet and hail on Saturday screamed that winter is closing in.  This also means we start cocooning, going back to our groups or clubs, and looking for new projects.  

If painting and refurbishing furniture sounds like a project that you would enjoy, we have received some great pieces that are well priced.  All of them are up for a "rebirth". 



Colour is one of the newest trends in decor and painted furniture is one of the best ways to achieve the look.  With the new paints available on the market, the process of applying colour could never be easier.  You might not be willing to pay big money for a hot pink piece of furniture, but if you focus on the renewal and buying of good used furniture, a lick of paint can give them new life.

Look for well-made pieces with good lines and because trends come and go, you may not wish to paint the furniture you consider your investment pieces.  

If you need some assistance in the painting department, we would be happy to transform your piece for you.  Here are a few of our completed paint transformations.


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