Colour Flow

Lois Butler - Thursday, June 27, 2013
If you are like me then a lot of your decor projects are continuous starts and stops. Our lives get so busy that we start to freshen up our homes and then life gets in the way. It can be a while before we get back to finishing it. In between the initial start and the restart quite often our plans change. A new trend emerges; there's a new colour we love. 

Yesterday I read an interesting tip on keeping the flow going from room to room in your home. Start in your living room and once you have completed this room the rest of the house takes its colours from what you have done there. Six months later when you have enough energy to tackle another part of the house take the paint chips you want to use and put them on your sofa leaving any cushions you have in place. If the colour you have chosen for the next space in your house would work as a cushion in your living room then your paint colours will have a sense of flow. 

Doesn't this make sense and remove a little stress?  Wish I could give credit for the tip but I was surfing the web yesterday and this little bit of info has stuck with. I have tried to back track but no luck.

Coming Together

Lois Butler - Monday, May 27, 2013
Isn't it great when something comes together as if it was planned? A client sent me this picture.  They already owned the chair but have just purchased the benches from my store.  Doesn't her front veranda look fabulous?  Thanks for sharing.